Evaporative Coolers & Swamp Coolers in Grand Junction, CO

Evaporative Coolers, or Swamp coolers, use water and air to cool your home. The process of air flowing over the water causes evaporation, during that process heat is removed from the air resulting in fresh, cooled outside air. Different coolers offer different cooling abilities and it is important that you have the correct cooler for your home.

Maintenance is a must, coolers must be started in the early summer and winterized to prevent damage before the first freeze. Most coolers require draining and disconnect from a water source when it is shut down, and many people opt to place a cover over the unit for the winter. While the unit is in operation, windows must be opened to allow proper air flow. Other options, such as Up-Ducts, can be installed in your home so windows do not need to be open.

For the freshest and coolest air, the air in you home must be circulated in three minutes or less, otherwise a humid, "muggy" feeling can occur. Yes, these Evaporative coolers do put humidity into your home, and many people enjoy this during our hot, dry summers. In late July and August some humidity does come into our area, at this time the cooler will not work quite as well, but rest assured it is still doing what it can to cool your home. If you have any more questions about any services or Evaporative coolers we offer, feel free to call your personal plumber at (970) 434-5348.